Friday, June 1, 2012

Vancouver Update - A Bridge and Crepes

Bridges and the construction of the same have always fascinated me.  The image below shows the existing Port Mann Bridge in British Columbia, with the new cable design to the left.

The Port Mann Bridge, with New Design by DG Hudson

This design is actually very appropriate for this location, with the clear view of the mountains or the water.  The white cables form a pattern that appears graceful even in the construction stages.  The orange rounded arch belongs to the existing bridge.

Parallel Bridges of the Port Mann in BC, by DG Hudson


The new incarnation of the bridge will expand the capacity of the the existing Highway #1 in connecting the Fraser Valley to the Tri-Cities area.  According to Wikipedia, the old bridge, built in the 1960s will be dismantled.  This was news to me.  Discussing the new bridge can be touchy, as tolls will be the chosen source of income to finance the ongoing costs and maintenance.

Orange Girders and White Cables, Pt. Mann Bridge by DG Hudson

Scheduled for completion by the end of 2013, the new bridge is expected to improve the commuting experience.  We'll have to wait a year to find out.

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Greater Vancouver Regional district

In Coquitlam Centre Mall, at the intersection of Barnet Highway and Lougheed Highway, we discovered a small welcoming cafe called 'Crepe de licious'.  They have other edible delights such as gelatos, breakfast crepes and Paninis also on the menu.  This is healthy light eating.

Crepe de licious cafe, Coquitlam Centre by DG Hudson

These ladies shown below made our delicious crepes BEFORE I said I would mention them in my blog, then they graciously posed for a photo.  The special coffee was very nice too, not just your usual drip and splash.  They took the time to make the crepe the way I do at home, but they have far better equipment.  Some crepe makers, of professional quality, are available for sale in the store.  Prices for sweet or savoury crepes range from $4.25 to $9.95. 

Friendly Employees at Crepe de licious.

To learn about other locations, check the website

Crepes. . .they can be versatile.

We had our first nutello crepes at the Musee d'Orsay in Paris.  I make my own batter and crepes using a basic recipe.  It always works.  I don't use special equipment.

Do you like crepes? Any creperies where you live?  Share the names in the comments, and where they are located in your city.