Saturday, December 14, 2013

Christmas Village Up Close

Season's Greetings and Welcome to ChristmasVille.

ChristmasVille Toy Store, by DG Hudson

Remember Geppeto's Toy Shoppe? It was the inspiration for the toy store shown in the image.


And for the little ones. . .

Christmas Village Carousel, by DG Hudson

In the centre of the Village is a Carousel, an ornament recycled into the village. The two figures are from model RR supplies.


Decorated trees, an old style church, and an old retro library. . .

Library and Church behind Carousel, by DG Hudson

A little deeper in the village at the back of the town square, sits the church and library.


At the Christmas Shop. . . carollers bring the sound of music

Carollers At the Christmas Shop, by DG Hudson

We recreate the Village each year for the family. Each piece is individually wrapped when stored. That's the mini-tour, thank you for coming!


 Happy Holidays!

Thanks to all those who drop by this blog during the year. I enjoy hearing your comments and visiting your blogs.


Do you have a particular decoration or a social event that makes the holidays for you? Please share in the comments. Enjoy your holidays, however you choose to celebrate it.