Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Pick Up Sticks, Hand-carved - A Photo Study

There are many uses for sticks, something any child and any dog can relate to.  Sticks appeal to anyone who needs the help of a walking stick, or likes one for hiking. Think Gandalf and wooden swords.

Hand carving produced these sticks shown here, a hobby that hubs just started doing in the summer of 2013 when we picked up a few branches that had fallen. After that, we acquired some more branches from a vacant lot next to a friend's house, and trimmings left near some of our walks. The wood used for these sticks was 'found' wood, not purchased.

A sampling of the Collection

Hand-Carved Wooden Swords, and Walking Sticks, photo by DG Hudson

There are three wooden swords in the first photo, and hubs has also fashioned a few wooden knives, suitable for use as props perhaps. There were drumsticks for a musician friend, and magic wands for those who needed one. (we are Harry Potter fans. . .) He liked the creation process and everything was hand done, carefully hand-sanded, stained with tea stain or for the dark areas, a purchased stain. Each is protected with a varnish finish to protect the stain and provide some weatherproofing.



Detail of carved sticks, photo by DG Hudson

The yellow stain on some of the tops of the sticks, in the photo below, was created by soaking a few threads of saffron in water and using that as a stain. Depending on the amount of tea stain applied, nice shadowing results on the natural air-dried wood. Some effects result from leaving the layer underneath the outer bark in place, as it will retain the stain differently.

Carved wood collection, prop of DG Hudson
More Detail 

Basic Staffs and Walking sticks, photo by DG Hudson

These photos illustrate something you can do to occupy idle hands or just for the thrill of hand-carving something that is pleasant to look at and possibly useful. I had planned to show these prior to hubs' illness, as he agreed. We are not taking orders or selling anything, this is simply a sharing of hobby ideas. I am the recipient of two walking sticks and one French style sword. The time may come when I need them. . .

Do you have a hobby or skill that you use to produce gifts or interesting things? Do you like walking sticks or a staff (like Gandalf used)? 

Please leave a comment to let me know you were here and I'll respond. Thanks for dropping by!