The Past

With every decade, our past gets longer.  Are you doing anything to record that archive of memories before they fade? 

Check the links below for a few ideas on what you can do.  There are many ways to tell your story, so choose something that fits your personality.  I'm referring to family history, but the same information can be used for memoir. 


Time for Retrospect

Could you tell someone your life story? Do you have unidentified photographs of the family? In this post, you'll find various ways of creating and saving those memories.
Also included are the basic steps for creating a Memory Quilt.

It's Your Life - Prove it

Just the facts (with a little embellishment); music concerts, family stories, etc. Are your photos in albums? or boxes?  What about that baseball card collection?

The Egyptian tablet is an ancient example of how to document your history for future reference. Records such as these show clothing, religious beliefs, and details of their existence.

Ask Me First! @ Wrote by Rote

Don't give away those toys until you ask your child.   He may be a young collector.  Have you lost a treasured item because your parents gave it away?  Then you know how it feels . . .

Do you collect anything? This post originated with the idea that a child should have the right to decide what's important in their 'stuff' and not have it given away as if it's communal property. 

Note:  this same post also appeared on the A to Z Challenge home page, courtesy of the A to Z Team.


Speaker for the Pets and Little Ones

A guest post on J. Burroughs Blog,  Raising Dogs and Training Children about collecting from a different perspective:  remembering the family pets and creating memories with young children.