Vancouver Skyline from Robson Street by DG Hudson

This page highlights posts about sights and interesting locations in the Lower Mainland of Vancouver. Photos by myself or source indicated.

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Last updated: June 26, 2014  (Newest to oldest order.)


VANCOUVER - Grouse Mountain and Carved Animals

Exceeding 4000 ft. (1200 meters) in altitude at its peak, Grouse Mountain offers alpine skiing in the winter and hiking trails and other activities in summer and autumn. A breathtaking view awaits you.


A Bridge in Disassembly - Vancouver, BC - March 2014

The Port Mann Bridge that connects the Lower Mainland of Vancouver with the Fraser Valley is getting the slow demolition treatment. It's interesting to watch the process.

Vancouver's Jewel - Stanley Park - November 2013

West of the Downtown area, a beautiful natural setting known as Stanley Park beckons. There is much to see here, including the Seawall, beaches and the scenic drive past Brockton Point.

"One of the first resolutions of the Vancouver council in 1886 was to petition the federal government to turn the 'Reserve on First Narrows' (an aboriginal settlement) into a public park."

Stanley Park Seawall, Park Archival Image, Vancouver, Canada


VANCOUVER - The Marine Building - September 2013

A landmark building in Vancouver was completed in 1929, when the world seemed black and white.


VANCOUVER Views - The Sylvia Hotel and English Bay - August 2013

There is a 100-year old hotel. . .The Sylvia. It faces English Bay and its city beach in Vancouver.


VANCOUVER Views - Music in the Cellar - May 23, 2013;

 Update: June 26, 2014
NOTE: The Cellar has now CLOSED its doors. Cory Weeds and other Lower Mainland jazz musicians now appear at different venues in Vancouver such as Ten-Ten Tapas and the club at 1789 Comox, in the downtown core.

Link to article:Music in the Cellar closes

Cory Weed's Cellar Jazz Club, and Jim Byrnes by Green Eye


VANCOUVER Views - Music in the Rafters - May 2013

The West Coast Symphony Orchestra performs in one of Vancouver's oldest churches, Christ Church Cathedral, at Burrard and Georgia, in downtown Vancouver.

Christ Church Cathedral Rafters - DG Hudson


VANCOUVER Views - Juxtaposition - May 2013

Old and New buildings sit juxtaposed in downtown Vancouver. Art Deco meets shiny reflective modern. The effect can be pleasing. This is the grandeur and whimsy that is Vancouver architecture.

Vancouver's Canada Place - by DG Hudson


VANCOUVER Views - Brockton Point, Dr. Sun Yat-Sen's Garden and More
March 2013

Brockton Point in Stanley Park, and Dr. Sun Yat-Sen's Garden in Yaletown, two favorite places.

Brockton Point, Vancouver by DG Hudson


VANCOUVER Views - Port Mann Bridge Update  February 2013

Ongoing photos and information about the creation of a new bridge and the dismantling of the old bridge. Includes photos of different views of the mesmerizing cables.



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The World’s Greatest Treasure Hunt - Ron Shore

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Vancouver Cityscape near Yacht Club - by DG Hudson