Tuesday, July 16, 2013

PARIS - A Flaneur's View

Street observers who stroll, view and interpret what they see are called flâneur. This means 'stroller', or 'saunterer', one who doesn't hurry. A flâneur has no particular destination in mind, but is interested in all he sees.

High on a hill in the 20th arrondisement. . .

Pere Lachaise Pathway, Paris, by DG Hudson

In Pere Lachaise Cemetery, there are many paths where you may pay your respects, view the beautiful monuments, or consider the history of this location. To get there, take one of the winding side streets, such as Rue du Chemin Vert. The monuments in this cemetery span many decades and generations, making it comparable to an outside art gallery.


A Brand. . .

The Louis Vuitton Brand, Paris by DG Hudson

Branding. . .Louis Vuitton Flagship store mast. That's Big Branding. This is a shopping mecca for some, in a city known for its quality and design excellence.


A city castle in Paris

Not sure of the vintage of the castle shown below, but it has some similarities to the medieval Louvre Palace design. This photo was taken enroute to our destination.

A Castle in Paris, Fr. by DG Hudson


The Seine River runs through Paris.

Crossed by 37 bridges, the river makes its way around the city past many monuments. In the photo below, the Seine River and the tour boats sit quietly. This view was  taken before the start of daily activity.

The Seine River in Paris, Fr., by DG Hudson

A flâneur has an occupation more at home in a utopian fantasy or in the tale of a noble wanderer. Then, there might be leisure enough for someone to walk and ponder. Weekends and vacations are other options for practicing this activity.


Are you a flâneur, or would you like to be? Any particular city or place, on Earth, you would like to explore? Have you explored a city you're going to use in your writing?

Please share in the comments. Hope summer is treating you well.


http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fl%C3%A2neur What is a Flaneur?

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