Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Summer Hiatus

Summer is here, and this blog will be taking a summer hiatus. See you in September.

The basket in the photograph was made by a relative. It's one of the traditional crafts kept alive by teaching the skills to ongoing generations. 

Aboriginal Handmade Birch Basket Crafted for Baby. Photo collection of DG Hudson

I'm also deciding if this blog needs revamping or a total change or. . .a few other options. I'll be working on my other writing and occasionally visiting other bloggers when time permits. 

Hope your summer is a good one, however you choose to spend it. 

If you would like to check current content please browse the tabs at the top of the blog page. I'll be closing off comments for this post.  

See you later.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Italian Sculpture - Larger than Life

Italian artifacts from massive sculptures indicate the ancient preference for large art. (Think of the pyramids and gigantic statues from Egyptian history.) The images in this post, taken by friends who visited Italy in 2016, show the beauty of Italian style.

A face seen in profile

Antiquity Head, Italy, courtesy of  EKC,  DG Hudson Collection

A headless Torso with Wings

Headless Torso sculpture, Italy, courtesy of  EKC,  DG Hudson Collection


Facial remnant

Italian sculpture remnant #1, Italy, courtesy of  EKC,  DG Hudson Collection


Part of a head is all that remains. . .

Italian Sculpture remnant #2, Italy, courtesy of  EKC,  DG Hudson Collection

Antiquity statues fascinate us, as we try to imagine the colossal effect of the whole sculpture. Faces look at us from a past long forgotten, remnants of civilizations now crumbled to dust. WE WERE HERE, the sculptures seem to affirm. 


PS - HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY May 14th, to all Moms!! 


What catches your eye when you travel - sculpture, architecture, food or the people? What do you think will survive from our time (of current architecture OR current monuments)?

Please leave a comment to let me know you were here, and I'll respond. Thanks for dropping by. There may be future Italian image posts, however, I don't have the full information as to where these locations are, as they were taken on a tour in 2016. The images I choose to highlight are for artistic enjoyment, rather than tour information.

Please note, this blog is on a slow-blog schedule. Thanks for continuing to read the posts!