Friday, January 11, 2013

The Risk of Digital Only Photos: Caution

Two steps forward, one step back. . .

Have Camera, Will Photograph, by DG Hudson

Where are your photo files stored?

A newspaper article I read recently reminded me about the very real possibility of losing your digital photo collection.  This can happen for a variety of reasons. I'm referring to computer related losses, whether you lose the computer from theft or lose the content within.  We've lost data a couple of times with computers in the past, with all the photos that weren't copied onto a storage device. 

It's a good idea to have a backup hardcopy for something as important as photographs of your family or your 'work stock' of photos.  Having a physical copy means you can scan it and add it to your archives if the digital image is lost. In the referenced article, the couple lost baby photos. Even in the digital age, there should be room for a photo album or scrapbook, at least for the milestones.

Reference newspaper article:
Can't Find Your snapshots? Picture this-a real photo album, by Shelley Fralic, The Vancouver Sun, January 2013.


To compensate for Murphy's Law: (what can happen, will happen)

I've learned to store my work and photos on other devices:  flash drives, DVDs, personal storage.  I  have albums of printed photos, a habit started as soon as I had a camera. I print special photos in 5X7 or 8X10 format.  A larger format will give a better copy for scanning.

Posting photos online via Picasa and Blogger means I have the data for online uses, but the physical copies mean I have another option if my e-data goes into the ether.  It's a way of having something in my backpocket.


Regarding Picasa

I've recently downloaded Picasa, as Blogger gave me no choice if I wanted to upload my own photographs.  I had photo applications on my pc and didn't need Picasa until Blogger changed the way it uploads photos. At least, it changed for me. 

Alert: when the Picasa menu item says 'delete from disk', it means 'remove from your hard drive'). Maybe some of you knew this, but I didn't.  Use caution.

This post was inspired by the newspaper article, but also because having one method of storage isn't always a good idea.  I've backed up my writing and most of my photos. How about you?

Are your photos or your writing saved online as well as in off-web storage devices?  Do you have backups of your photo work stock?  Have you lost work only stored on your pc or other devices?  Please share in the comments.


Sunday, January 6, 2013

A Pizza Place in Paris

While in Paris, eating is a must.  It's a city known for its food.  Some of the best places are tucked into the side streets and local squares.  The photo below is in the Latin Quarter, but this post is about a pizza place in the Marais. Both districts are rich with eating places.

Choosing a cafe in Paris, by DG Hudson

We landed at CDG airport in Paris, France, early on a Monday morning, the day after leaving Vancouver, British Columbia. Still tired from an overnight flight, we slept a couple of hours to recharge. At seven or eight in the evening, we set out to explore the Marais neighborhood near the Hotel de Ville and to find a local restaurant. 

Many of the bistros were either closed or didn't offer food service on Mondays. Pizza Sant'Antonio, the third cafe we tried, was open. A photo of the restaurant is at the first link below.  The aromas that wafted out smelled alluring and we were greeted warmly. After showing us to our bistro table, we ordered our wine with water on the side. Diluting the effects makes it easier to walk after your meal. Our friendly waiter helped us translate as we ordered, as I wanted tap water, not bottled.  Our servers were very polite and attentive. A lovely way to start our trip. (I have drunk the water of Paris and am now one of those who are forever called back to the city.  No, not like zombies. . .)

I ordered French style scallops over rice with a herb sauce. Hubs ordered grilled salmon and frites.  With two coffees after the meal, plus tip, our bill was about 44 Euros in the autumn (high season) when we visited.  This was the first of three meals we had at the Pizza Sant'Antonio and only one was pizza.  In the photo below, another side street restaurant beckons you inside.


A Montmartre street, restaurant on the right by DG Hudson

A first impression can shape how we feel about a place.  This pizza place, Sant'Antonio's and a few other bistros welcomed us to Paris and showed us the French warmth that surfaces when you share their food.  We avoided the well-known tourist places, opting instead for the small cafes we searched out on our evening walks, where you sit cozily by your neighbor, with each respecting the other's privacy as you enjoy homestyle French cooking or sample a pizza. 


Are you a pizza fan? Do you have any first impressions of a place (city, restaurant, beach, etc) that firmly cemented it in your mind as a place you would remember?  Please share in the comments below, and I'll respond.



The Pizza Place: A favourite in the Marais, Pizza Sant'Antonio, Paris, on the far right. This link shows a wide angle shot of the restaurants on one side of the square. Nice neighborhood for walking, quiet at night.  A review about the Pizza Sant'Antonio, Paris. 

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