Friday, October 9, 2015

Photography- Paris Layered Images

I wonder what would happen if. . .

This post highlights a photo experiment which came about when I arranged different elements related in some way or which seemed to suggest a story. In this case the elements are a framed poster of Paris, a couple of paintings and photographs either bought or captured while in Paris, a metallic figurine of a sax player (not from Paris but Jazz and Paris go together) and a Spanish figurine, beautifully sculpted.

A thin metal sax player blows his horn low and blue in front of the cafe, as Paris settles down for evening. . .


A farm girl from the provinces gazes at her piglets while she dreams of life in Paris: the Moulin Rouge tempts and the bridges of Paris stand stoic as the river flows beneath. . .


Cafes and bistros are two elements of Paris that symbolize one of the memories I have of the excellent food, the different manner of eating - more refined, which can be had in Paris if you know where to look. The painting shows a corner of a street, a place to meet, and the photograph, an actual cafe in Montmartre, a building which appears to be from the 1800s, . .


Long shot of the elements in the experiment. The images captured above no longer exist now in this form, the poster is on the wall as are the two small paintings. A friend told me once that I arrange things like little vignettes.  The items were arranged on a buffet and an antique portable desk that clerks used to use in the early 1900s, as the lower portion is like a cash register drawer. I bought it as a writing desk but it now holds many little remembrances. One day it may inspire another photo  experiment or at least a blog post.


Hope you enjoyed my experiment and it gives you an idea of what can inspire a story element, or just be pleasant to look at and imagine.  Every writer is a bit of a dreamer.

Do you arrange 'things' for your own pleasure, or do you prefer austerity and keeping to the tried and true? Some view 'things' as clutter.  Do you like the things you collect to be around you to be enjoyed and to promote conversation?

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