Life Bits

Life is made up of bits and pieces.  Moving from a larger house to a smaller place, connections, pets, dealing with aging parents, and taking time for the Self.  Following are a few posts addressing life bits. 


Under The Past tab at the top of the page are links to the posts about collecting memorabilia and documenting family history.  See Egyptian example below.

Egyptian exhibit, Louvre Museum, Paris by DG Hudson


Duty vs the Self - Finding time

Take a little time out for you.  Organize the duties.

Paris, France - Fountain Inspiration by DG Hudson

A Street Cat Tale

Guest post from Slick, the Cat.

Slick, the Feline Reporter

The Elder Dilemma

How to recognize the warning signs of Dementia, getting assessment, and preserving dignity.

Support Seniors in Care Homes

Ongoing relationship with relative in care facility; how to evaluate level of care, family days, communication

Moving Bootcamp

Discard frenzy, how to divide the belongings, and surviving the aggravation

This page will be updated as other posts are written.  Please drop by again.