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I'm a writer in the Canadian Pacific Northwest region, a rugged coastline which includes the city of Vancouver, British Columbia. It’s a picturesque place to write, near the ocean, in a city surrounded by mountains. It's the Rainforest, the temperate version.

Initials can be misleading, so thought I'd clear up who that stoneface avatar represents. I'm female, married and a parental unit. The basics.
*If you want to know more about the avatar seen above and how I came to use it, see this blogpost, Sekhmet - Intriguing Egyptian Goddess.

My writing genres: Science Fiction, and Suspense/Crime
For a couple of years now, I've belonged to a national crime writing organization.

Blogging is the one social media I enjoy as a way to meet other writers and inform myself about the industry. I maintain two blogs to connect with other writers and readers, and to share my interests. I generally blog twice a month now, with mid-month book reviews or special features. Occasionally, I'll blog more, depending on commitments.

In April 2012, I participated in the A to Z Blogging Challenge, a 26-post marathon blog-run and survived. (see Paris, Etc tab, top of page)

Book Reviews are posted on the 'Rainforest Writing' blog and occasionally on the '21 Century Journal' blog. Mid-month, I'll review books from my library or from my TBR stack, including ebooks that come within my range. Past book review links are located under the tab at the top of the page.

My review preferences are the same as the genres I read:
science fiction, mystery/suspense, books on Paris, historical fiction**, literary books and writing instructions.

**in the manner of Diana Gabaldon


DG Hudson - RainForest Writing

DG Hudson - 21st Century Journal

Photography is a passion I've had for a long time, and it merges well with writing. When I travel, I take photos with the intent of adding them to my blog file. I love black and white photography, visiting museums, bookstores, and literary places in other cities. In Paris, I left behind N. Gaimon's book, Neverwhere, to enlighten the next person in the apartment we rented. At least, it may leave them wondering about the London Underground.

My education is in fine arts and business management systems.

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