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Around the City-Vancouver: A Backyard Festival, Community Gardens & More

Vancouver, BC Cityscape from Stanley Park - DG Hudson


Festivals abound in the summertime in large and small cities, whether they focus on music, family activities, theatre, or unique happenings.  One unique neighborhood event I read about in the Vancouver Sun told of several homeowners staging an In The House Festival.  This happens in a heritage area of Victoria Drive, in Vancouver, British Columbia in an effort to increase community spirit and to offer family friendly activities.

Reference:  Article by L. Kane, Vancouver Sun, June 3/11
Details at:

GREEN THINGS:  Community Gardens
Interested in gardening but have no outside area?  Check out community gardens, a great way to grow some of your own food, herbs, or flowers.  Many cities have these communal gardens where plots are either assigned or work is shared, and the harvest allotted accordingly.  Vancouver and many of its surrounding municipalities encourage the residents to participate in this effort.
More information is available at the link below. 
City of Vancouver site

Monet's Garden in Giverny, France -'Green Heaven - DG Hudson

MOVIE RESEARCH:  Midnight in Paris by Woody Allen

Everyone seems to be fascinated currently with the Jazz Age in Paris, when the city was the expatriate centre of culture.  I'm one of those who can't get enough of reading about that time period.  As a result, many books and movies are being made which focus on the attributes of the most loved and visited city in the world. 

This movie is currently playing in many cities.  I plan to see it since I've recently visited the City of Light, and just watching the trailer brought back my own memories of Paris, the Isle St. Louis, romantic bridges and the Rue de Rivoli.  It's a city that's hard to forget.

It's a movie about choices and facing reality.  Woody Allen has created a romantic fantasy about the meaning of a place, in particular, Paris.

Eiffel Tower, Paris - by DG Hudson 2010

The photo following was taken at a local parking lot.   Don't they say that dog owners and their pets start to look alike?  Is this what they mean?  See what happens when the dog is allowed to sit in the driver's lap?  Then, they want to drive. . .
(photo taken with Blackberry camera on the road)
Beware:  Dogs Who Drive - Mobile DGH
This post is a compilation of interesting events and things observed in my treks around the city and its surrounding area.  Do you know of any interesting events that show cities are trying to engage their residents to take more pride, and get to know who is in your neighborhood?  As shown in the Woody Allen movie, even if they are the musings of an aging director, some cities like Paris cast their spell on us.  Vancouver can do that, too.  How about your city?



Email received from C. Leamon, author of Writing up a Storm:

"We are so fortunate in BC as there is so much going on through the summer. In the Gulf Islands we have our Saturday market on Mayne Island, from ten until one every Saturday from May 21, or around then, to Thanksgiving. There are some talented artisans and you can also buy local produce. It's a great meeting place and community event.


Sounds like a great idea for a summer day-trip.   


  1. I am a woman who loves to do things, so it should be no surprise to me that my three year old son must always be doing something. My son was born in Hilton Head, SC, where I struggled with finding things to do with him, so my "Toddling..." blog series was born. (Visit for descriptions and links to all of my blogs.)

    Festivals and events are great, but do not forget to visit the places that are always around, such as parks and museums.

    Every city, if it has an aquarium, I visit the aquarium. No, not all aquariums are the same, and the differences can be revealing of the place you are visiting. (I have been to aquariums in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Maine, Spain and Japan.)

    As for getting to know who is in your own neighborhood, throw a party! I did this in Hilton Head, and my oldest dog's birthday party became what our whole street looked forward to every December. (Yes, birthdays to the dogs!) Besides special occasions and holidays, it doesn't hurt to create your own event. Starting with a party centered around showing March of the Penguins, we created the Burroughs' Annual Penguin Party in February.

    This past Sunday evening we attended a neighbor's party on our new street in Florida. In the new place and with a two-legged son, it will be interesting to see if the Penguin Party or Max's Birthday Party hold up. Of course, we have to finish unpacking and setting up house - a task continuously extended as we celebrate parties, events and sights to see instead of working at home.

    Which dog do I most look like?

  2. You're right, J. Our own Pacific National Exhibition usually opens around this time of year (this far north, warmer weather comes later).

    Thanks for adding all those other suggestions. Your location has lots of choices of things to do.


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