Friday, August 3, 2012

PARIS - Postscripts

The Hotel de Vendome

A private residence in the 1700s, this building reflects its 1714 modifications.  In the photo below, you can see the delicate wrought iron railings, and the details of the building design.  Each arch was topped by face plaques (sometimes called grotesques).

Hotel de Vendome detail, Paris, by DG Hudson


Oscar Wilde's Tomb
The back of Oscar Wilde's tomb in 2010 illustrated the need for protecting the surface of the monument. The family arranged to have the tomb cleaned and protected by glass, while still allowing the view of the design.  For more information, refer to this post on Oscar Wilde.

Oscar Wilde's Tomb, Back view 2010, by DG Hudson

W=Wilde Thing (My blog post April 2012, A to Z challenge)  Oscar Wilde, wiki

Walling off Oscar Wilde's Tomb


Old Paris Cityscape

A miniature of Paris in the 1700s behind glass in the Musee Carnavalet.  This style of building didn't allow for light to penetrate to the street.  If you were fearless, you could try using the interconnecting rooftops for your getaway.

Museum miniature of Old Paris, by DG Hudson



Bronze Dalida, Singer, in Montmartre, Paris by DG Hudson

Dalida, an international singer performed and recorded successfully for 30 years in many languages:  French, Arabic, Italian, Greek, German, English, Japanese, Hebrew, Dutch and Spanish.  She spent her early years in Egypt as a member of the Italian Egyptian community, but lived her adult life in France.  Her career spanned the years 1956-1986.

Refer to Personal Life at the link below for the tragic details of her lovers and husbands. Dalida’s private life was marred by a series of failed relationships and personal problems. On Sunday, May 3, 1987 Dalida decided to end her life and left a suicide note.  Monday, May 4, 1987, near noon, her body was found. She died alone at her Montmartre residence in Paris. 

Dalida was buried in 1987 in the Montmartre Cemetery.  Alain Aslan, the sculptor, also made a statue on display outside her tomb.  The bust of Dalida in the photo above is on display near her previous residence . 


Is any of this new to you?  Ever heard of Dalida?   Do you like people or location photos?  Please share in the comments.



All photos by DG Hudson in Paris, 2010, unless otherwise noted.  Biography details of Dalida, wiki
and Personal Life  Famous singer, Dalida and her music Hotel de Vendome, Paris, wiki  Carnavalet Museum