Saturday, December 15, 2012

A Christmas Scene for the Holidays

From Santas to Snow. . .

A Santa gathering, retro windup toy in middle, by DG Hudson

Christmas, December 25th, is only a week and a half away. The tree is dressed and wreaths are hanging at our place. We have handcrafted ornaments on our tree, collected at various craft markets over the years. I remember where most of them originated. One from a gift shop in Paris, some purchased from crafty friends, others were gifts from years past. 

Handpainted Christmas Village close-up, by DG Hudson

The Christmas Village above started as pre-cast plaster houses we painted as a family activity each Christmas. We combined the houses with a few N-gauge model railway accessories, and cotton batting for snow.  Be forewarned, a large population of Santas reside here, with a Christmas shop, an old style Diner, even a small nativity scene, N-gauge scale. 

See the four Santas below?  It's four lightly stuffed felt Santas joined together, making it easier to stand, so said the friend who made them.  The clay baby dragon was made by an artist who lets me dragon-sit it.  Both are favourites, the dragon is on display year-round.  He has a roly-poly belly.

4 Santas-in-one and Baby Dragon, photo by DG Hudson

Create mini-displays or mini-scenes, if you have the space. Group items together for better effect, as the first photo in this post illustrates. Larger items are better for this and can be used on window ledges. Smaller groupings can be placed on larger furniture. Our Christmas Village is on a buffet top, so the mirror behind makes the village seem larger. Ensure things are set-up to be out of the way of guests, but yet easy to see.  

The snow-laden trees in the photo below comes from a Winter Past.  However, this morning, we did have snow flurries in Vancouver.  Hope you enjoyed the pics!

A Vancouver winter of the recent Past, by DG Hudson

Best Wishes for the Holiday Season and 2013!

Do you have any favourite decorations for Christmas (something you bring out each year)? OR Do you have a special holiday tradition? (singing, skating, skiing, a trip to somewhere warm?)

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