Saturday, February 23, 2013

A Cat with C'attitude

The Visitor

His Cat name is Sid, aka Sid-hartha, Sid-dee, Sid the vicious, and Squidney.  These different names represent his changing moods.  He's been lodging here at our place while his owner is packing and moving.

Sid the Polydactyl in the Study, by DG Hudson

In the photo above, you can just see the thumb on the right paw. It looks like a mitten and allows him to swat at things with panache, including people.  He's got the spunk and attitude of a dog, since he was raised with a large dog named Sasha, a female who tolerated his lunging leaps as a kitten. No one is sure who instigated all their escapades, and they aren't telling. But, a thumb does help get things open.

Sid the vicious, at 2 years by DG Hudson

Sid looks a little wistful here, missing his owner.  They will be reunited in about a week. In the meantime, he's come to think of our home as a 'Cat Spa', and we're his attendants. After all, he meows frequently and thinks he's talking to the humans.  Those are probably 'command meows'. He's still young and a little cocky.

Sid in formal pose, best paw extended, by DG Hudson

A Note About Polydactyls

Ernest Hemingway loved polydactyl cats, after being given one by a ship's captain. When Hemingway died, his former home in Key West, Florida was turned into a museum and a home for approximately fifty cats. About half of the cats are polydactyl. Sometimes these cats are called Hemingway Cats, because of his well-known love for the breed. Perhaps Ernest thought their big 'mitt paws' looked like boxing gloves.

We visited the Hemingway House a few years ago and saw these cats lounging on the beds.  In the lush garden, you can see a unique porcelain watering fountain for the cats; it came from Sloppy Joe's.


Have you seen a polydactyl cat's paws?  Did you know about these cats? OR if you like the photos of Sid, let me knowPlease share in the comments and thanks for dropping by.


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