Thursday, August 1, 2013

PARIS - A Door

What do they mean to you?

Doors let us in or keep us inside, they make us wonder what's behind them. A door allows us to pass from one location to another. A doorway can also be called a portal. Much can be learned from the size, design and the materials used to craft the door.

In a building in old Paris . . .

Paris Doors, Marais, by DG Hudson

Behind these bright blue doors is an 18th century building with residential apartments on four floors above the 1st floor entrance. You need strong arms to open and shut these sturdy, heavy doors. The size and thickness speak of earlier times.


Or the front door of a famous artist from the 1800s. . .

In a different century, the Van Gogh Brothers, Vincent and Theo, lived behind these simple blue doors. This famous artist site in Montmartre is identified by the plaque to the left of the main door. This route was part of a guide-led small-group walking tour of Montmartre.

Former home of Van Gogh Brothers, Paris, by Green Eye


A Golden Door fit for a King. . .

The door in the photograph below is one of the doors into the Royal Inner Chambers at Versailles. Note the royal crown in the top medallion. Only those truly in the King's inner circle were allowed beyond these doors.

Versailles, Door to Royal Chambers, by DG Hudson


In a place of rest. . .

In Pere Lachaise, doors add to the design interest of the monuments. The arched door on the left of the photo below opens inward to allow a moment's reflection. Further up the hill, other structures beckon us onwards.

Pere Lachaise Cemetery, Paris, by DG Hudson


Doors at Moulin de Fourges, a French country inn

In the front of the 200-year-old Moulin de Fourges Inn, a river flows by the open deck. The same river provided power when this was a working mill. This picturesque inn located between Giverny and Versailles hosts tour groups for lunch.


Doors in a French Country Inn by DG Hudson

To a child, there's a whole world of wonder on the other side of any door. To an animal at the vet's, his worst nightmare is on the other side of any of those doors.


How do you interpret doors? Have you used doors in your writing to signify an underlying meaning? Please share in the comments and thanks for dropping by!

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