Sunday, February 2, 2014

Great Bear Rainforest Reprieve / BC Museum's New Vision

A step forward

Conservation groups and forest companies have announced an agreement regarding old growth protection and heritage sites in the Great Bear Rainforest in British Columbia. 

Islands off the south coast of British Columbia, by DG Hudson

After 14 years of negotiations which included bitter fights in the 1990's, a balance was found. First Nations of BC and the B.C. provincial government will have the final say on the agreement. Will it be the last chapter in achieving protection for old growth and other protected heritage sites? 

Saving the forests, in particular the Great Bear Rainforest, is the first step

Saving food sources is the second step.(On land, in the waters)

Preventing pollution in advance is the third step. Watchdogs are required.

A Spirit Bear or Kermode, a resident of the Great Bear Rainforest, is shown below.

Spirit Bear, or Kermode Bear, BC, Wiki photo

Reference: Vancouver Sun Article,:Westcoast News, Preservation, Collaboration wins rainforest 'final chapter', by Gordon Hoekstra. Jan. 2014. Update on environmental issues in the Great Bear Rainforest.

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Our Royal British Columbia Museum is changing. . .

A new CEO for the Royal BC Museum in Victoria, Jack Lohman, has already started assessing the treasures in his care. He's revived museums in England, South Africa, Poland, and Norway. He calls it re-scripting, which in BC, will include taking collections around the province and loaning certain exhibitions to other institutions. Lohman has also written a book about his vision, Museums at the Crossroads, which is about some of the choices that institutions make.

I'm hoping these changes will include making art and history exhibitions more accessible to all, and by that I mean no high ticket prices. Learning about our culture is important. Why don't we have a free day once a month for British Columbia's museums and galleries? 

Paris, France does this, an excellent idea that gives something back to the people. It would also benefit school groups, and help offset high ferry rates that deter many from visiting Vancouver Island as much as we would like. Thank you, Mr. Lohman, I'm looking forward to your revitalizing of our venerable museum; a fresh eye can work wonders.

Reference: Vancouver Sun, Westcoast News-Weekend Edition, Jan.25/14, B.C.'s Museum at the Crossroads, by John Mackie.


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