Monday, August 4, 2014

Location in Photography - What does it tell us?

Places can suggest story ideas or speculate on the people who inhabit these areas.

Up in these heights. . .wildlife roams and humans on the run hide in the heavily treed crevasses. Hunters and trackers know these mountains.

Winter Landscape near Merritt, BC, Canada, by DG Hudson

The color image above of British Columbia interior mountains looks as if it's black and white or Monochrome. As for the weather, it was a very grey day sapping the skies of the sun that would highlight the color of the evergreens.


A Bridge runs above this scene

Steam is the only thing moving in the railway yard image below.

Steam Engine, New Westminster, under Queensborough Bridge by Green Eye

Railcars on the left side appear to be either left for hook-and-haul rail companies OR it's rolling at a slow pace. Imagine the hissing of the steam and the huge steam engine motors amping up as the traffic roars across on the bridge above this scene.

What you don't show can be just as telling as what you choose to highlight.

Meet me at the General Store. . .

The equivalent of a corner store in the interior of British Columbia. That rectangular box looking thing is a telephone booth on the right side of the building, for those not recognizing such an entity. This is a combination gas pump, grocery and general store. A welcome site to the weary traveler or the locals coming for gas.

Winter at the General Store, Interior BC, by DG Hudson

What if there were a murder close to this location? What if the owner is the perpetrator? Or does the tracking team meet here to go into the mountains to look for the murderer in his hideout? That's what isolated locations suggest to me. . .maybe I've read too many suspense tales.


How much importance do you give to location?  Is setting or location important in your story? Do you photograph interesting sites for future use as inspiration or 'just in case'.

As a blogger, I always consider that I might want to use an image for a post.

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