Sunday, October 5, 2014

The Louvre - Sculpture Confirms An Era

Bigger than life and meant to impress. . the Louvre Museum, Paris.

Antiquities, Louvre Museum, by DG Hudson

Sculpture and massive stone monuments confirm man has existed for centuries, even perhaps many thousands of years. Just as some museums feature bones of reptilian dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures to show Earth inhabitants long ago, it gives man a sense of security to know that even though dynasties and empires thrived and fell, their art survived.  Proof of existence.

Why so large? Monolithic size could be seen from a distance and implied greatness on the part of the person who commissioned the sculpture. Perhaps the image above was to adorn an entrance to a temple, tomb or royal building.


Sentinels on Guard
Sphinx styled

Sentries in the Louvre, by DG Hudson

Repetitive patterns such as the sentries imply order and make for interesting images. The work would have been done with ancient techniques yet they achieved such regularity. The workers were probably many and had no choice in assisting. In modern times, we speculate and study records to learn how such art came to be.


A Parade of Man and Horse

An Antiquity Globe with Circular Pattern, The Louvre, Paris, by DG Hudson

All images were found in the Antiquities section of the Louvre Museum. I didn't specify which historical areas as displays may change and my purpose was to see as much as I could of such a treasure trove of history and art.

Art with Inscriptions

These creations of Antiquity document a time when objects were made to last. When man destroys these icons of existence, what do they prove except their own destructive tendencies and lack of understanding of history and its consequences. Museums protect our history and keep it alive for future generations.  To see it firsthand is to learn.  To learn is to broaden your mind.


Do you enjoy history or museums whether anthropology or art? Do you like sculpture? Modern (Picasso or Zadkine) or Antiquity or all sculpture? If you're not a fan of sculpture or 'old' art, you can say that, too.

Hope you enjoyed this peek into the Antiquities at the Louvre Museum. Please leave a comment to let me know you were here. I'll respond, and thanks for dropping by!


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