Sunday, April 19, 2015

First Nations - Lower Nicola Objects to Sludge Dumping

Would you want toxic waste on your land? 

Probably not. Yet this is happening in British Columbia as it is likely happening in other areas. Environmentalists don't approve, scientists issue warnings, and if the laws were changed to prevent sludge in the oceans and rivers, then perhaps there is cause for concern. 

What are the side effects? Who approved the dumping? Why is such a product not handled in the area from whence it cometh? Why is treated sewage moved from one large area to a more rural area and why are those who will be affected not consulted? Yes, garbage and sewage in cities and urban areas are a problem, but one that needs to be addressed. How much priority is it being given? That should be an issue in any upcoming elections! 

First Nations in Merritt, the Lower Nicola Indian Band objects to the dumping of bio-waste, aka sludge, without notification to the members of the community. Bravo!  Someone has to be the whistle-blower. Someone has to protect our environment against business interests, when the impact could affect health and food products of the people living in an given area.

Shouldn't large urban areas be dealing with their own garbage issues, rather than trucking them down the road to someone else's backyard?


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Were you aware that sludge from sewage is being applied to rural lands in many countries? I'm in Canada, but let me know if it's happening in your area too! 

Please leave a comment to let me know you were here. I'll respond. Thanks for dropping by. This information was brought to my attention by someone who found it on social media and thought I'd be interested.


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