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Music in the Cellar - Vancouver Views

Corey Weed's Cellar Jazz Club
The sound comes from underground, it's in the Cellar, the jazzy one. . .

Cory Weeds Cellar Jazz Club, Vancouver, DG Hudson Collection

Music in Vancouver comes in many varieties, but one of the best places to catch jazz is at Cory Weed's Cellar Jazz Club, in Kitsilano. Passersby can hear the music in the evenings as it drifts up the stairs. The intimacy of a smaller venue is perfect for a night out. This is not a place to dance, but rather a place to sip, listen and dine well at average costs.

Owner/Manager Cory Weeds, saxophonist, grew up in Vancouver, went away to study and returned to open his own jazz club, a haven for musicians. Check the links below if you're interested in the Vancouver Jazz Festival, beginning June 21 - June 30.  Cory's Cellar Jazz Club is one of the venues. During the Jazz Festival, reservations are required.

Corey Weeds and his Sax, by Green Eye

 Cory's jazz club has been compared to The Village Vanguard and the best of the New York jazz clubs. It's the quality of the entertainment, and the respect shown to the musicians that bring us back.

NOTE: as of the end of February 2014, the Cellar is closing. Read the details here:

(updated February 27, 2014)DGH

Jim Byrnes
One of the local favorites, a long-time blues musician, and actor, originally from St. Louis.

Jim Byrnes, Cory and group at the Cellar. DGH Collection

To hear Jim Byrnes' voice, My Walking Stick, click the link. Jim and the Sojourners always impress at Cory's Cellar Jazz Club. If Steve Dawson is on the stage as well, you're in for a triple treat. Youtube of My Walking Stick


There's a Difference . . . in this name

Cory Weed's Cellar Jazz Club in Kitsilano, is a live music club offering quality jazz and blues. Reservations are recommended.

A club with a similar name is The Cellar, a downtown nightclub on Granville Street featuring Vancouver's best DJs and an entirely different atmosphere.

Be sure you pick the right one for your musical tastes. . .

This post is part of the Vancouver Views series, a photo perspective of Vancouver and unique west coast topics. All photos by Green Eye are property of DG Hudson.


Jesse Cahill, Cory Weeds, Steve Kaldestad, by Green Eye 


Do you prefer a club that offers a dinner menu and quality live music, OR the best DJs, dancing, and mingling with music in the background?

Have your music tastes changed since your teens or twenties? (Are you broadening your musical interests, or are you a connoisseur of a lifelong style of music? (opera, popular, rock, etc.)


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