Sunday, June 9, 2013

Photography - Lighting Effects

Lighting can create atmosphere, or highlight certain embellishments. The way an object in a photo is seen in relation to the light can affect the perception of the viewer.  The same subject undergoes a transformation with a change in the amount, direction or intensity of the light.

The Strand
in Key West, once a distinctive movie theatre. . .

The Strand, Key West, by DG Hudson

In this photo, we see an example of the retro theatres of the mid-twentieth century. In the daylight, architectural features dominate. In the evening, the signs and marquee highlight the night. Conversions can preserve interesting old buildings. The Strand was kept in good condition and revived for other uses. A conversion is preferable to destruction of landmark buildings.

In 1993, this building was used in the film Matinee, a comedy with John Goodman. At the time, it was no longer a movie theatre, but it LOOKED the part.


Tropic Cinema
also in Key West, Florida

The Tropic Cinema, Key West, Florida, by DG Hudson

This movie theatre is still showing movies, with a schedule of showtimes. For nostalgia buffs, or movie lovers, you can experience the intimate nature of a smaller theatre. In this photograph, the building's image pops out from the surrounding darkness as night settles.


The Hollow Tree
in Stanley Park, Vancouver

Bright sunlight causes stark shadows within this giant tree in Stanley Park, Vancouver. The Hollow Tree rates as one of the most popular photo spots since the horse and carriage days. It was damaged in a December 2006 windstorm and declared a safety hazard. In 2008, the tree was targeted for removal. Private donations saved The Hollow Tree and covered the cost of the tree realignment and stabilizing. The size of this tree and other 'Old Growth' stumps illustrate the primeval forests of the past. - Stanley Park site, general highlights.
For the Hollow Tree, see last part of the information.


The Eiffel Tower

as dusk turns into night,
the statuary reflects the golden glow. . .

Pont D'Iena, and Closeup Eiffel Tower, Paris, by DG Hudson

Looking upward from the bridge span of the stately Pont D'Iena, I see the color start as a glow on the girders of the Eiffel Tower.  This vision welcomed us after just returning from an early evening cruise of the Seine River. The rain had stopped, and we were waiting for the tour bus to take us back to the Marais. A light show always brightens the mood.



Chandelier at Versailles

This would most likely have held real candles and would have required a servant to maintain it. In one of the galleries at Versailles, this chandelier lights a small radius in a background of shadows. This photo was taken on a low-light setting as no flash was allowed.

Versailles Chandelier, by DG Hudson


Have you seen the effect of light in Rembrandt's painting? Do you consider light when taking photographs?  Do you use light and it's effects in your writing? Please share in the comments. Let me know if you use light to get special effects. Thanks for dropping by.