Sunday, June 30, 2013

Nostalgia - Daytona Beach Pier

At the Beach. . .

Retro designed buildings can survive if their heritage is protected. This usually requires renovating to an original look. What the storms don't destroy, we should preserve. Daytona's Pier is a peek at yesteryear when entertainment for adults and children wasn't that far apart.

Daytona Beach Pier and Boardwalk, by DG Hudson

This coral-colored building includes a gift shop, a restaurant and a long boardwalk that allows walking beneath and extends about 1000 feet into the surf. These images were taken in the morning, before the heat wave. The original wooden pier was built before the 20th Century, burned down in 1920, was rebuilt with a casino and reopened in 1925. The building at that time would have been of Victorian style. Several years ago, the entire pier was in need of an facelift, and the result has injected new life into this local favorite and a nostalgic memory for some past visitors. I was pleased to see the pier still standing when we visited on a family trip. As teens, we called it the 'Boardwalk'.

Daytona Beach Pier, Florida by DG Hudson

When the pier reopened in 2012, the anchoring restaurant Joe's Crab Shack was back. A busy place when we were there, with the enticing smell of fresh crab and other delicacies drawing those undecided 'looky-loos' inside for a taste.

The pier has suffered from the constant pounding of the Atlantic Ocean surf, fire and hurricanes, but it has endured since it was built in 1925. Some of the pilings of the pier were removed during the beach racing years, so cars could pass under the pier as part of the course. This was a photo opportunity spot for famous race car drivers who came to Daytona Beach to test their mettle. When they returned home, these drivers shared these photos worldwide, giving Daytona Beach an early international reputation.

This is a follow-up post to The Tide that Tugs-East Coast Florida.

Daytona Beach Pier and Boardwalk, by DG Hudson 

Do you have a memory of an interesting boardwalk or pier at the beach? What city or place? OR
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